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Our offer

For you, for all and everyone. Online and offline.

Change is possible

From practice for practice – our experts support you in your commitment. With professional advice, seminars and hands-on workshops, you will learn the most important tips and tricks for effective and secure cooperation.

Seminars and workshops

You would like to work together more effectively for your social concerns, network and become more visible with your activities? The wechange cooperative supports you in this.

We offer you seminars and workshops on all topics related to digital collaboration and online project management, but also on practical teamwork, storytelling and much more. Our experts will also come to you. Feel free to contact us!

Consulting and networking

Do you have further questions about the possibilities and limits of online collaboration, do you need professional support in choosing suitable tools or coaching and advice on change management?

Ask our consultants! With us you will find the technical expertise and the necessary skills in process design, organizational development and communication. We are happy to support you in networking with other actors in your field.

Social Intranet and Online Tools

Anyone who wants to collaborate, organize and network online can hardly do so today without software solutions from international corporations with questionable data protection conditions. We want to change that!

Our platform offers you the tools for secure online collaboration, networking and presentation in the Community for Change – open source and cooperative. Log in and be the change you want to see in the world!

Using Wechange professionally

You would like to have your own, closed area for your community? All data should be on a separate server or on your own server? Learn more about our portal solutions and contact us.

Do you attach importance to a design that is adapted to your organisation down to the last detail? Do you want to determine yourself which of the tools available on WECHANGE you offer your members or do you need additional features? As a cooperative, we will work with you to develop the right solution for your needs.

For initiatives, clubs, associations: Your organization on WECHANGE

NEW: WECHANGE for cities and regions

Customised portal solutions with WECHANGE