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It’s like a picnic where everyone contributes something:
Our new price model.

Just pay what it’s worth for you.

We see WECHANGE as a common good – like a picnic together, to which everyone contributes something. That is why we are introducing a solidarity-based pricing model!

We want the community to grow and nobody has to limit themselves. From now on you can create new groups at any time without our help and use all functions with your teams without any restrictions – and all this for free!

In order to be able to offer and develop the platform cost-covering, we are of course still dependent on income. The demands on the platform are increasing and we would like to meet the needs optimally. This causes constantly high costs – for hosting, maintenance, support and the development of new functions. That is why we count on your participation:

If all users* contribute a small amount of about 5 Euro per month, the permanent operation is guaranteed.

It’s up to you: even a small monthly contribution helps to continuously improve WECHANGE. You can adjust or terminate your contribution at any time. If you can only contribute little or nothing at all, that’s fine. Just be aware that this is only possible if other users* support you.

Deploy wechange professionally

You would like to have your own, closed area for your community? All data should be on a separate server or on your own server? Learn more about our portal solutions and contact us.

Do you attach importance to a design that is adapted to your organisation down to the last detail? Do you want to determine yourself which of the tools available on WECHANGE you offer your members or do you need additional features? As a cooperative, we will work with you to develop the right solution for your needs.

For initiatives, clubs, associations: Your organization on WECHANGE

NEW: WECHANGE for cities and regions

Customised portal solutions with WECHANGE