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Who is behind WECHANGE?

Verena Salomon

Verena Salomon, founder

Verena connects networks.

She dreams of an eco-social transformation towards a more future-compliant and fair world and brings players and initiatives together which share these goals. She does that on a professional level at netzwerk n, on a voluntary basis in Netzwerk Wachstumswende and, of course, in the WECHANGE cooperative. Verena lives in Berlin and works in the Thinkfarm, a legendary Coworking-Space in the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg.
Simon Liedtke

Simon Liedtke, founder

Simon is a computer specialist and the go-between to the technology. He understands, develops and builds as a joint project that evolves with its users. As the technical lead, he translates the vision into concepts and the concepts into a product. His passion is sustainable organisational development. He lives this as the co-founder and managing director of the Sinnwerkstatt company, a sustainable media agency which is based in Berlin-Kreuzberg and also based on the common good.


Boris Woynowski

Boris Woynowski, founder

As a forestry scientist Boris always keeps an eye on the forest, while not losing sight of the single trees. After the cancellation of his dissertation on transformative sciences, he is operating as an obstetrician for eco-societal ideas. He is the co-founder of Wachstumswende e.V. and Thinkfarm e.V. Berlin. After a parental-leave year and a change of location to Kiel, he started working in the changemaker-project “Zukunftsmacher” and building up the Thinkfarm Kiel together with Robin.


Dr. Michael Mischke

Dr. Michael Mischke, founder

Michael is a mechanical engineer, strategy consultant and a storyteller. He is concerned with the communication between machines and humans, between technology and basic human needs. Michael is an optimist and a visionary. The dialogue with the is his passion and the optimisation of the interface is his goal. His heart beats for the Balcans and for Eastern Europe, for music and good food. Michael has a son and lives and works in Berlin.
Robin Pfaff

Robin Pfaff, founder

Robin´s is concerned with passion for future-compliant ideas. He wants to enable people to realise their own contribution to the solution of societal challenges. As a geographer he is working on the go-between sustainable urban and regional development, promotion of societal engagement and digital media. At present he is building up the learning and activation program “”. In his free time he is active in the “alte mu”, which is a sustainable creative hub in the centre of Kiel.
Inken Marei Kolthoff

Inken-Marei Kolthoff, project manager

For about two years Inken was the face of netzwerk n and WECHANGE throughout the whole of Eastern Europe. There is probably no civil-society-oriented conference, initiative, organisation or impact hub which Inken has not yet visited. Only due to her dedication and continuous contact to sponsors, is TÜV-certified and the platform is available in Ukrainian and Russian.
Enno Strudthoff

Enno Strudthoff, project manager

Enno is an enthusiastic Eastern European. Actually, Eastern Europe has only been is field of study at university. But due to stays and travels in countries east of the Oder, it has become difficult to tell the difference. His mission is to unite all Eastern European civil society actors on WECHANGE and to motivate them to share their visions for a sustainable and just world there. Currently, Enno is the only one on the payroll of WECHANGE and works in the Thinkfarm as well.
Lilian Pungas

Lilian Pungas

Lilli has chosen to live in Berlin. She liked an internship at the WECHANG cooperation that much, that she joined the circle of active members of WECHANGE. Besides the engagement at WECHANGE Lilli is doing much in the area of sustainability. She is inter alia participating in the Attac organisation, the netzwerk n, ecotopia and the Society of Sustainability and believes in WECHANGE as a good platform for all these initiatives and organisations. Like Inken and Enno she is interested in all post-socialist countries and dreams of a better world in all of these places.
Ludwig Schuster

Ludwig Schuster

Ludwig listens, recognizes links and connects. His activities are like the pieces in a puzzle of the vision for a good life. On the basis of his many years of experience as a project manager, networker and consultant, he is able to put together, what belongs together. As a strategy consultant, he helps the sinnwerkstatt finding the best ways and shortcuts to societal goals. Furthermore, he is an international expert for complementary currencies and promotes research on the growth compulsion in monetary and financial systems.
Ian Delù

Ian Delù

Ian thinks big which brings him and his co-workers on a visionary ride. With a lot of patience and inner calm he has the higher societal values in mind. He is combining his playful creativity and his conceptual strength with tough management-skills: He keeps everything under controll and knows what it needs to create a product of the highest quality out of an idea. As a founder of the Sinnwerkstatt and a concepter for communication campaigns Ian accompanies people day by day to sharpen their ideas and realise them step by step.
Inken Kolthoff

Udo Loeb

Udo is a true digital native. At the turn of the century, he began as a freelance programmer but soon started his own company and finally established himself as a project manager and product developer also in major corporations and industries. As a process and organisation consultant, he specialised on agile organisations. At sinnwerkstatt, he now organises his
Sascha Narr

Sascha Narr

Sascha is a Master of IT-technology and works at the Sinnwerkstatt as a Senior Backend-webdeveloper since 2013. He is responsible for the technical part of the platform and was substantially involved in the conception and wrote a big part of the source code of the Wechange platform. Now he is constantly improving the page and builds new features for the Online-Community with the goal of cross-linking loads of people, that want to act jointly.


Jannis Eicker

Jannis loves to organise –be it a conference or the book shipping process. He likes it best at the interface between science, politics and economics. As a political economist he is also still active within the scientific community. He is currently working in the netzwerk n and carries over the needs of the network and students into the WECHANGE team.


How is the WECHANGE cooperative organised?

Das Organigramm der WECHANGE eG


Which rules does the cooperative follow?

“The cooperative should be orientated towards the basic principles and guidelines of social-economy.”

(extract from the statues of the WECHANGE eG)

Our statute in detail (status 4. May 2015) can be downloaded below, but only in German so far. A translation is in progress.

join The cooperative

How do I become a member of the cooperative

 You are interested in becoming a member of the cooperative? Then write an email to and send us the membership form signed and filled out via mail to: WECHANGE eG | c/o Thinkfarm | Oranienstraße 183 | D-10999 Berlin