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Welcome in ourhuman-engine room.

Our Team

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Lena Crohmal

As our expert on Eastern Europe, Lena is chairing the WECHANGE networking conference “Dialogue for the Future 2020” and is using our social networks. Her two passions are digitisation and networking, which she can pursue well in the WECHANGE context. Lena has three years of experience as a journalist and specialises in Eastern European politics and media, especially Ukraine, Poland and Russia.



Enno Strudthoff

Enno is interested in the entire Eastern European region. He spent a semester abroad in Russia and learned Russian there. He convinces civil society actors in Eastern Europe to network on change and to share their visions of a more sustainable, fairer world there. At WECHANGE, he looks after our funding partners and applications and is also sometimes a secret product owner.

Ludwig Schuster

Ludwig Schuster

Ludwig listens, sees connections and networks. His activities are puzzle pieces of a great vision of the good life. As a strategy consultant he helps “good” companies, foundations, clubs and associations to find ways and shortcuts to achieve social goals. At WECHANGE he is chairman of the supervisory board and strategic head. As an expert in complementary currencies, token design and sustainability in the monetary and financial system, he is in demand internationally.

Sascha Narr

Sascha Narr

Sascha is a graduate computer scientist and since October 2013 senior backend web developer, first for sinnwerkstatt, now at wechange eG. He is responsible for the technical side of the platform, was significantly involved in the conception and wrote most of the code for He is constantly developing new extensions and features for our growing community.

Simon Liedtke

Simon Liedtke, founder and executive board

Simon is a computer scientist and the interface to technology. He sees and builds as a software project that develops together with the users. As technical manager he translates the vision into the concept and the concept into the product. His passion is for sustainable organizational development. He also lives this passion as co-founder and former managing director of sinnwerkstatt Medienagentur and on the supervisory board of the WECHANGE cooperative.

Hannah Monnin

Hannah wants to find out how we can make our world a bit more loving and colourful and more vibrant. Besides studying environmental sciences, she is interested in life and work in ecovillages and how a social-ecological transformation can be shaped in a practical way on a small and large scale. This requires networking! This is why she supports WECHANGE, mainly in customer* support.

Dr. Michael Mischke

Dr. Michael Mischke, founder and executive board

Michael is a mechanical engineer, strategy consultant and a storyteller. He is concerned with the communication between machines and humans, between technology and basic human needs. Michael is an optimist and a visionary. The dialogue with the is his passion and the optimisation of the interface is his goal. His heart beats for the Balkans and for Eastern Europe, for music and good food. Michael is the father of two sons and lives and works in Berlin.

Markus Kollotzek

Markus loves to bring together people from the eco-social movement who have overlaps and similar problems. He does this mainly in the networking initiative “green net project”, which has long been in good contact with WECHANGE. At present, however, he also supports WECHANGE in administrative tasks and calls himself “Secretary” for reasons of equality.

Jens Möller

The topic of digital participation is very close to Jens’ heart. As a computer scientist and social worker, he wants to build bridges between people and technology and help people develop a confident approach to digital technology and media. His vision is that all people shape the digital space together as a public-social space. Therefore, his task is to support people in holding conferences and educational events.

Birthe Dannhauer

Birthe is good with numbers and can create order and structure, so she is responsible for everything related to accounting, invoices, etc.

Felix English, executive board

Felix is a climate activist and passionate networker. He became a WECHANGE power user through the local networking initiative Lebendiges Lüneburg and Fridays for Future. His goal is to inspire many people with the platform and empower them to get the most out of the tools. It started with his short tutorials on YouTube. In his eyes, digital networking and collaboration is a crucial success factor for the entire sustainability movement. This is what the student and Leipzig native has been championing since the end of 2020 as a member of the executive board of the coopaerative.

Bene Brandhofer

Bene is a photographer and designer. After studying photography in Bielefeld and several years in photography, he followed his interest in the Internet and today, in addition to his work as a photographer, he specializes in user experience, interface design and prototyping. For him, good design puts people at the centre of attention – since 2018 he has been putting this claim into practice with Johannes and Felix for WECHANGE.

Johannes Schnettker

Johannes works as a freelance web developer for agencies and own customers. He is driven by the question of how the design language of digital tools can become clearer and more comprehensible.
At WECHANGE he has been responsible for the conceptual and creative development of the online platform since 2018 – in a team with Bene and Felix.

Felix Link

Felix holds a degree in graphic and communication design and has been working as a freelance designer for agencies and his own clients since 2012. His work focuses on the development of visual concepts and the design of public communication in the areas of corporate design, editorial design and UI/UX design. Together with Johannes and Bene, he takes care of the optimal design for your everyday life with WECHANGE.

Louisa Pieper

Louisa studies painting in Halle and supports WECHANGE at the hackathon in Russia, in customer support and in public relations. She is committed to social change towards a sustainable world. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Arts and Social Entrepreneurship to provide her with a suitable toolkit. Otherwise, she likes to eat nugatbits and sit in the sun.

Antonina Rybka

At home in Kyiv and Berlin, Antonina values the continuous growing together of Eastern and Western Europe. Antonina supports WECHANGE as a student assistant alongside her master’s degree in “National and Transnational Studies”. In her master’s thesis, she examines feminist activism in Ukraine. She has also been assisting the Heinrich Boell Foundation’s “Gender in Detail” initiative on a voluntary and professional basis for several years.



Robin Pfaff

Robin Pfaff, founder

Robin’s passion is empowering people to make their own contribution to solving social challenges. As a geographer, he works at the interface between sustainable urban and regional development, civil society involvement and digitisation, currently at the Ministry for Energy System Transformation, Environment and Digitisation of the State of Schleswig-Holstein. Together with Michael, he heads WECHANGE eG as a member of the board. In his free time he is active in the Alte Mu Impulswerk e.V. and the Thinkfarm Kiel, which he founded.

Sven Gumbrecht

Sven is responsible for any basic rights issues related to the work of the cooperative and WECHANGE.

Charlotte Bull

Charlotte supports WECHANGE in various tasks, from design to public relations. She enjoys travelling in Eastern Europe and is happy to contribute to the international development of the WECHANGE network.


Nicole Hartmann

Nicole is a Possibilist and focuses on the potentials she recognizes in situations and constellations. She observes, analyzes and looks for what connects, especially with the desire that all actors of the socio-ecological transformation strengthen each other and create a livable future together despite all differences. At WECHANGE, she is the contact person for cooperations in Berlin and, as co-founder of the Donut4Berlin initiative, works to establish the doughnut economy in the city.

Verena Salomon

Verena Salomon, founder

Verena networks networks. She dreams of a sustainable, just world and brings together people who share this vision. She does this in the Netzwerk n für nachhaltige Hochschulen, the Netzwerk Wachstumswende, the Berlin Thinkfarm and WECHANGE. She studied psychology and organisational development and founded various associations, networks and the WECHANGE cooperative. Since 2020 she has been offering workshops on self-organisation according to Frederic Laloux and accompanies teams and organisations on their way to socio-ecological transformation.

Helmut Wolman

Helmut likes to discover and do new things. Actually he is an engineer, but he also finds renewable energies very important. He works as an educational consultant for potential development & development policy at the Friends of Waldorf Education. He is a member of the board of directors of Ideen³ e.V., initiator of the “Ideenwerkstatt Bildungsagenten” and the “Karte von morgen” and is a member of the supervisory board of WECHANGE. All three projects are concerned with making visible and networking all those involved in change – and Helmut has a lot of fun doing this!

Boris Woynowski

Boris Woynowski, founder

As a forestry scientist, Boris always has his eye on the forest without losing sight of the individual trees. After dropping out of his dissertation on transformative science, he is now working as a midwife for social-ecological ideas. He is co-founder of Wachstumswende e.V. and Thinkfarm Berlin. After taking parental leave and moving to Kiel, he worked with Robin on the “Zukunftsmacher” project and on the development of Thinkfarm Kiel. Today he contributes his experience to the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Magdalena Noffke

Magdalena is a freelance software developer and supports our technical team at WECHANGE.

Igor Tyshchenko

Igor is committed to sustainable urban development, energy transition and knowledge exchange between civil society actors. At the end of 2020, he completed the postgraduate master’s programme Urban Management at TU Berlin. Previously, he worked for several years as a project manager and researcher in the fields of urban development and citizen participation in Ukraine. He also gained experience in formal and informal education, as a lecturer in urban sociology and volunteer tutor.

Rashid Rysaev

Rashid is a linguist and web developer working at WECHANGE as a junior backend developer. He is interested in modern web technologies, computational linguistics and is always happy when his code doesn’t fall down.


Jane Telkmann

Jane is a marketing and communications strategist and oversees all communications processes and tools at WECHANGE. She has a wide range of interests and, in addition to her work at WECHANGE, is active with the Premium Collective or on the road as a speaker.

Marvin Wilke

Marvin is a Software DevOps Engineer at WECHANGE and is the interface between development and IT operations. He is concerned with the question of how computers can change our lives for the better and turns various screws to improve WECHANGE for you.

Tetiana Kanafotska

Tetiana is studying Intercultural Communication and is about to complete her Master’s degree. She is currently doing an internship in international project management at WECHANGE and supports us in planning and implementing projects for exchange and networking with Eastern European partner countries.

you here

You ???

We are always pleased to hear from interested people who want to take a look and join us. Feel free to contact us with your questions and ideas.

Past team members

Davia Rosenbaum

Davia loves languages and thinking about how communication works. She likes variety and immersing herself in new topics and tasks. At WECHANGE, she helps organise our networking conference and supports wherever helping hands are still needed.

Estelle Goebel-Aribaud

Estelle is active in the field of digital and platform cooperatives in the analysis of potentials, strategy development and sales development. Her goals are to promote exchange and cooperation in order to join forces and reach more people. Because, in her view, the cooperative business form offers a historically good opportunity for society to establish a participatory economic model.

Yaroslava Hryhorchuk

Yaroslava is a media enthusiast and has a diploma in media and communications. She comes from Ukraine and is studying her second master’s degree at the European University Viadrina. At Wechange she works as a student assistant for the projects with Eastern Europe. Yaroslava is responsible for the social media of the platform and projects.

Lotta Storm

Lotta is crossing borders between Germany and Poland, but also travels further east from time to time. She is studying for her Master’s degree in Central and Eastern European Culture and History at the Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) and has been active in youth exchange with these regions on a voluntary basis for some time. As a student assistant in the Eastern European projects of WECHANGE, she is pleased to be able to combine her private interest in sustainability and green change with her studies.

Giovanni Alexandrov

Giovanni comes from Bulgaria and has a degree in law. He mainly deals with the execution of financing rounds for start-ups. At WECHANGE he provides support in various legal issues – in particular with regard to the drafting of contracts and data protection issues.



Alina Flechtmann

At WECHANGE Alina works as a project manager and is mainly involved in the network conference “Civil Society 4.0” as well as in other social projects in cooperation with Belarus and Eastern Europe. Alina comes from Belarus herself and brings with her many years of experience in Belarusian NGO work. Since 2015 she lives in Berlin, where she studied innovation management and entrepreneurship.

Jana Hermann

Jana lives and loves Berlin and her volunteer work. She is involved in all organisations with a connection to Eastern Europe. Jana became aware of WECHANGE through the Networking Conference 2018, in which she participated. As a student assistant, she supports Wechsel in the areas of finance and support and will continue to enrich our team at least until July 2019.

David Breuer

David studies philosophy, art and social entrepreneurship and has a strong interest in everything related to eco-social life. At WECHANGE he works as a student assistant and provides support in various areas of the network.


Lilian Pungas

Lilian Pungas

Lilli has chosen to live in Berlin. She liked an internship at the WECHANGE cooperative that much, that she joined its circle of active members. Besides her engagement at WECHANGE, Lilli is heavily involved in the area of sustainability. She is active in the Attac organisation, the netzwerk n, ecotopia and the Society of Sustainability, amongst others, and believes in WECHANGE as a good platform for all these initiatives and organisations. Like Inken and Enno she is interested in all post-socialist countries and dreams of a better world in all of these places.

you here

Jana Pirlein

Jana likes to travel in a variety of ways – this is also her area of responsibility as a student assistant at WECHANGE. From design and public relations to the support and care of existing and new customers, she enjoys being creatively involved in her environment. Jana is currently doing a semester abroad.

Anne Overbeck

Anne is motivated by the idea of working towards a sustainable society. As an environmental psychologist, she is concerned with how to create good spaces for people to make decisions towards a more social & fairer society. Anne loves to spin visions for the future and the optimistic attempt to achieve them – with a lot of voluntary work and since 2018 also at WECHANGE.


Jannis Eicker

Jannis likes to organize what needs to be organized – be it a conference or the dispatch of books. He prefers to do this at the interface of science, politics and business. As a political economist he is also active in science. He currently works for netzwerk n and brings the needs of the network and the students to the WECHANGE team.

Michael Flohr

Dr. Michael Flohr

Michael is a web & app developer at team neusta. He previously worked for netzwerk n in the field of sustainable university development and network research and works primarily on the topics of cultural policy, sustainable development and digitalization.

Ian Delù

Ian Delù

Ian thinks big which takes him and his co-workers on a visionary ride. With a lot of patience and inner calm he has the higher societal values in mind. He combines his playful creativity and his conceptual strength with tough management-skills; he keeps everything under control and knows what it takes to create a product of the highest quality out of an idea. As a founder of the Sinnwerkstatt and an innovator of communication campaigns, Ian accompanies people day by day to sharpen their ideas and realise them step by step.

Inken Marei Kolthoff

Inken-Marei Kolthoff

For about two years Inken was the face of netzwerk n and WECHANGE throughout the whole of Eastern Europe. There is probably no civil-society-oriented conference, initiative, organisation or impact hub which Inken has not visited. Only due to her dedication and continuous contact to sponsors, is TÜV-certified and the platform is now available in Ukrainian and Russian.

Inken Kolthoff

Udo Loeb

Udo is a true digital native. At the turn of the century, he began as a freelance programmer but soon started his own company and finally established himself as a project manager and product developer in major corporations and industries. As a process and organisation consultant, he specialised on agile organisations. At sinnwerkstatt, he now seeks to develop a meaningful, self-organised and sustainable working model. His labour of love is further developing the portals and features of 

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