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  • Continuing the journey that began last year, the second part of our Erasmus+ Workshop "Foster young life in rural areas, learn from the past, create for the future" will take place in Germany between the 13th and 21th of July 2024. The application process is open for residents from Germany, Italy and Austria, regardless of which passport they have. During the workshop we will exchange, share and reflect about experiences and ideas to bring progress and living perspectives for young people in rural areas. The first part of the activity took place in the Verbania-Ossola area in the northern part of Italy, the second part will be located in the rural area of Hoher Meißner in Hessen. It is not mandatory for participation that you also took part in the first part of the Workshop.
    Using creative learning methods and field research we want to exchange about the challenges for young people, which result from the rural exodus, brain drain and overaging of rural villages. Exploitation of nature and a cultural and social decline on the one hand and the growing desire of many young city dwellers for a life close to nature in the countryside on the other hand will be the starting point for our problem investigations and the best practice we will visit. In addition to the beautiful natural surroundings, the Hoher Meißner region is rich in the history of the youth movement and alternative living, working and participation projects that need to be explored. How can we discover, elaborate and expand practices of social and ecological and sustainable transformation? What is supporting quality of life in the rural areas and how can we contribute to breaking down social and economic barriers and make rural areas more attractive and liveable for young people again? How is youth in rural areas specifically affected by the menace of climate change and environmental protection. Working on these questions we want to enable ourselves to support the creation of inclusive spaces and to promote diversity. The workshop will be based on non-formal learning concepts, exchange of best practice learning experiences, sharing own experiences, skills and ideas. Participants need to be open to actively contribute to the learning processes.
    The participation is free of charge and includes accommodation, food and transportation. It is mainly addressed to youth workers, activists and trainers in non-formal education. Freelancers and people that are interested in this field are welcome as well as people that face discrimination or have fewer opportunities.
    If you want to be part of this activtiy, we would ask you to fill out the application form: https://rb.gy/uplnjp.

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