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  • Transsectoral Lab: (Post-)Migration. (Dis-)Integrative Encounters
    Frankfurt (Oder), 17 – 30 August 2020 (online)

    Viadrinicum is an annual summer school devoted to the countries of the Eastern Partnership, and the larger context of Central and Eastern Europe. This year‘s edition is designed as a digital transsectoral lab on (post-)migration, aiming to tackle the notion of (post-)migrant society from multiple theoretical and methodological angles. With the help of online academic seminars the school will allow its participants to deepen theoretical insights into the topics of (post-)migration, convivial diversity and multilocal belonging. Besides that, the participants will be able to enhance their practical and methodological skills in the framework of several project-oriented workshops, organised in the respective countries of their residence with the help of local partners.

    Among others, the programme includes the following contributions:

    • Prof. Dr. Kira Kosnick / Dr. Darja Klingenberg (Frankfurt/Oder), Who Needs Migration Research? Methodological Critique and Research Strategies
    • Dr. Tsypylma Darieva (Berlin), Post-Migrant City between Cultural Difference and Cosmopolitan Sociability
    • Dr. Anne Holper (Frankfurt/Oder), Conflict Mediation in the Context of Diversity
    • Peggy Piesche (Berlin), Doing Diversity
    • Case studies of migration-related civic and cultural initiatives from Kyiv, Wrocław, Chișinău, Moscow, Berlin

    Parallel to that, the school also features three lab.workshops (Art.Lab, Doc.Lab, Research.Lab), where the participants will be able to enhance practical and methodological skills, by means of developing their own small (team) projects under the close guidance of professional supervisors. Due to the potential restrictions for international travel, participants' activities within the framework of these workshops will be carried out in the countries of their residence with the help of local partner organisations. Besides that, there will be an online film screening, public discussions, and Open Space sessions where participants will have a chance to discuss their own scientific or cultural projects with others.

    The European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) will be able to offer up to 25 travel scholarships (up to 200€), that will allow participants to arrange a visit to the partner organisation in their respective country, in case necessary.

    Applications are welcome from candidates, meeting the following requirements:

    • You are a student, a PhD candidate, an NGO activist or an artist up to 35 y/o, from any country of the world;
    • You have a genuine interest in transsectoral and interdisciplinary approaches to the topics of (post-)migration;
    • Your knowledge of English is sufficient to take an active part in the discussions.

    The preliminary programme can be found at: https://viadrinicum.blog/programme and here www.facebook.com/viadrinicum

    You can find more information and the application form at: www.viadrinicum.blog

    Deadline: 06 July 2020.

    With best regards from the European University Viadrina

    Kirill Repin and Stefan Henkel

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