• from 17:00 until 18:30 o'clock
  • However unique and important your story is, it makes no difference at all when your audience doesn’t engage. It’s engaged audiences who change the world. This event workshop aims to develop your understanding of urban audiences in both human and socio-spatial terms to assure and raise their engagement in your current and future projects.

    In our event workshop you will:
    > familiarize yourself with the toolbox, providing you with the insightful analysis of your audiences,
    > learn to understand your audience and use the engagement for community-building,
    > find out new ways to stimulate the UGC (User Generated Content) and meaningfully use it by adopting social media interactive capabilities.

    You'll share your views on what engages people in your cities, exchange ideas on how to facilitate such engagement, and use it to empower your local communities. You will discuss how engagement affects various kinds of town twinning activities: people’s diplomacy cause, cultural exchange practices, and international cultural events.
    Join our workshop to level up your social media engagement skills!

    Your speaker & coach:
    Marina Sedneva is a journalist and SMM expert. She worked as a head of SMM, later as lead editor at Yaroslavl regional media outlet. Currently, she works as “7х7” head of distribution. She teaches two courses, at Yaroslavl State University. Marina has authored and implemented several social media communication strategies, most recently for the Yaroslavl "Barcamp" edutainment program.

    The workshop is open to participants from Belarus, Germany, Russia and Ukraine. The workshop itself is thus also a multilateral encounter with networking potentials.

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