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    Manja & Maria is a singer-songwriter duo from Lüneburg (Germany). The students met at an Open Stage in 2019 and play mainly their own english songs with musical influences from pop and indie. They express thoughts and feelings through calm sounds and their music is characterized by warm harmonies, authentic lyrics as well as guitar and piano accompaniment and two different, complementary vocal colors. They played their first gigs together at the Fischhalle Harburg and at the Kunstnacht in Neustrelitz; their first common songs were written on a couchsurfer host´s kitchen floor in Galway in the middle of the night.

    In 2020, the duo played some livestream concerts and recorded their debut EP together with Niklas Loose who, besides giving musical input, is mainly responsible for mixing and mastering their first single "Inside Out" which was released at the end of the year. The EP will be released in spring 2021.