Reinforcement of security forces and infrastructure in Khorugh

On February 11, 2022, the three checkpoints inside the town of Khorugh (Selkhoztekhnika in northwestern Khorugh, city centre, UPD in southeastern Khorugh) were reinforced. According to a source of Russian political scientist Andrey Serenko and a source of Roof-top Info, the number of security forces at each of the checkpoints was doubled. Security forces at the checkpoints are heavily armed. The source of Serenko mentioned that security forces had occupied positions in the multi-storey building under construction on the main crossroads in the city centre of Khorugh, and that reconnaissance drones had been observed above the neighbourhood Barkhorugh, the stronghold of Mamadbokir Mamadbokirov whom the authorities have threatened with conducting a military operation against him. According to Pamir Daily News, several boxes were unloaded on the main crossroads which allegedly contain barbed wire. It is unclear whether these activities serve the preparation of a military operation in Khorugh or the preparation of an unscheduled visit by President Rahmon which is allegedly being considered.

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