SUMMARY July 02-06, 2022: Detentions, torture and verdicts

Radio Ozodi reported that the verdict against Chorshanbe Chorshanbiev, who had been deported from Russia, detained by Tajikistani security agencies in December 2021 and sentenced to more than eight years in prison in May 2022, was confirmed by a court of appeal on June 29, 2022.
On July 04, 2022, Pamir Daily News reported the case of Khairimamad Dustmamadov who had been detained in Khorugh, tortured during detention, taken to hospital, survived a suicide attempt and again taken to a security agency office.
According to Radio Ozodi, the poet and camera operator Muyassar Sadonshoev who had recorded the statements of the "Commission of 44" on video, had been sentenced to eleven years in prison on June 24, 2022.

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