SUMMARY July 08-12, 2022

Arbitrary detentions of natives of GBAO, torture of detainees and convictions to long prison terms are continuing. Only few few cases hit the headlines, like the ones of Abdurakhim Gulobov who died in detention and of Adis Tutishoev who attempted to commit suicide after interrogation by the security forces.
On June 13, 2022, the human rights organization Genocide Watch issued a genocide watch for GBAO, drawing attention to the persecution of Pamiris in Tajikistan and warning of the potential for civil war.
In the most recent episode of the Majlis Podcast, host Bruce Pannier discusses the recent protests in Tajikistan's GBAO and Uzbekistan's Karakalpakstan with his guests.
A Radio Ozodi article discussed whether the recent promises by the Tajikistani authorities of an economic progress in GBAO would actually lead to sustainable development and highlighted that the announcement of infrastructure projects had been a common strategy after periods of unrest.
A Eurasianet article analyzed parallels between recent protests in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan's GBAO and Uzbekistan's Karakalpakstan and the reaction of the respective authorities. The author interpreted the protests as a result of "failures of those governments to address people’s basic socio-economic needs". A Radio Ozodi article drew attention to the pattern that all three governments blamed unspecified "foreign forces" and "third parties" for the protests.

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