SUMMARY July 13-31, 2022: Expanding scope of the crackdown and comprehensive intimidation

Many of the natives of GBAO who had been detained during the crackdown on civil society on May and June 2022 were sentenced to long prison terms. The security forces were gradually expanding the scope of the crackdown, sending the message that nobody is safe from persecution, not even religious authorities or Russian citizens.
On July 27, 2022, Pamir Daily News reported that Muzaffar Davlatmirov, a local religious authority (khalifa) in UPD neighbourhood of Khorugh, had been detained the day before.
The authorities increasingly put pressure on educational organizations affiliated to the Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the Ismailis. As summarized in an Eurasianet article, the tradition of summer camps for school children has been discontinued and the future of the Aga Khan Lycee in Khorugh, the most renowned school in GBAO, is under question. There are also indications that the authorities might plan to confiscate key commercial entities affiliated to the Aga Khan.
Various media, among them Radio Ozodi, have reported that two community organizers Oraz Vafirbekov and Ramzi Vafirbekov, who were citizens of the Russian Federation and had been influential among the Pamiri diaspora in Russia, had been forcibly disappeared at an airport in Moscow and taken to Dushanbe. A video shows both of them alleging that they had gone to Tajikistan voluntarily, which is denied by their relatives.

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