SUMMARY June 26-27, 2022: Indirect pressure on journalist Anora Sarkorova, general crackdown on civil society in Tajikistan

According to journalist Anora Sarkorova, Tutiye Amirshoev was sentenced to more than eight years in prison. He is the cousin of Tutisho Amirshoev who was killed by security forces in Khorugh on November 2021.
Anora Sarkorova, a native of GBAO living abroad, informed the public on June 27, 2022, that the Tajikistani authorities were pressuring her indirectly by summoning her relatives for interrogation or taking them into custody. Sarkorova played a key role in investigating the violent crackdown in Vamar on May 18-19, 2022, and publishing information about it.
Radio Ozodi published an article which contextualizes the recent detention and intimidation of journalists as an effort by the Tajikistani authorities to crack down on civil society and suppress any civic initiative in preparation of the imminent transition of power.

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