Patrick Léon Gross
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Bringing the Doughnut to Berlin. Aspiring Professor of Practice for Regenerative Cities.

I am passionate about co-creating regenerative and redistributive cities, currently trying to bring Berlin into the "Doughnut" of social and planetary boundaries.

As a polymath, I love learning across the fields of systems thinking, human development, technology management, and sustainable business, and connecting ideas in ways that create long-term value for people and the environment.

My experience as a scholar, speaker, founder, author, lecturer, consultant, and community manager has taken me to 30+ countries and reinforced my commitment to collaboration across national, cultural, and geographical divides.

My location

Berlin, Friedenstraße 37

Topics I am interested in

Mobility, Energy, Environment, Education, Nutrition and Consumption, Art and Culture, Money and Finance, Construction and Living, Climate Protection



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