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I am a possibilist with wide open senses for connections and constellations. I have a huge curiosity to learn and I love to share and transmit my learnings. As a lecturer I rather see myself as facilitator of co-learning and co-creating. I did so for several years in history of religion in the Graeco-Roman period about religious identity and boundary shaping, religious framing and communication and dimensions of being godless or atheist in the ancient world.

I am a sustanabilist who turned her long term private care for sustaining global and local ecosystems to political climate activism in 2019. I started with Scientists for Future and learned via Extinction Rebellion about the effectiveness of citizen's assemblies for controversial political topics like social just measures against climate change that meet the 1,5° limit of the Paris agreement. I engaged for the 12062020 Olympia project and had the chance to co-create a participatory process that addressed this question of the balance between social and ecological boundaries. Convinced of the benefits of systems thinking I am enthusiastic about the Doughnut Economy of Kate Raworth as a role model for the social-ecological transformation we need. I was lucky to meet a couple of likeminded Doughnut enthusiasts to embark on the exciting journey to start a #Donut4Berlin initiative. Let's did it, Berlin!

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Mobility, Environment, Education, Nutrition and Consumption, Climate Protection

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sozial-ökologische Transformation



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