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"Open-Island" is an open-source system for modular floating islands made from recycled and renewable materials. It was developed in India and Germany by the makers4humanity collective and was used on different water bodies worldwide for different purposes. Our next project will happen in Bangalore/India in December 2018. Together with landscape planners, engineers, eco-activists and cultural-creative folks from Bangalore and all over, we will together focus on an urban lake or tank, clean it up and transform it into the "Lake of Change".

„Lake of change“ is a cross-cultural happening and process of participatory development, that shall spread environmental awareness beyond its limits and improve the treatment of the city's water bodies. Through a long term open innovation process, the neglected water bodies can be transformed into creative, healthy public spaces and into productive lakes with local food production, social entrepreneurship and culture, sports or leisure facilities. The potential is waiting to be discovered at "Lake of change", which may become an interdisciplinary innovation hub for participatory concepts and creative bottom-up prototypes.
Welcome aboard!

"Let us be the change we want to see in this world." - Mahatma Gandhi

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Project administrator:  Helmut Wolman , Joy Lohmann , Udo Wierlemann , Benedikt Schlund

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