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wechange eG | c/o Thinkfarm | Oberlandstraße 26-35 | 12099 Berlin

+49 30 / 54 90 99 90
Office hours: wednesdays 10:00-15:00

The wechange cooperative uses numerous third-party tools, all of which are open source. In order to use these systems we have provided the following information here to comply with licensing obligations accordingly. Below is information on the tools used with the following information:

1. Etherpad + + Apache – License 2.0 + +

2. Ethercalc + + COMMON PUBLIC ATTRIBUTION LICENSE VERSION 1.0 (CPAL) based on Apache 2.0 + +

5. Rocket-Chat + + MIT Lizenz + +

6. BigBluebutton – Lizenz: LGPL-3.0 License <>

Executive Board

Markus Kollotzek, Markus Kosmal

Supervisory Board

Nadine Brömme, Constance Chucholowski, Jutta Horstmann, Katja Jäger

Register of cooperative

Registered at 25.02.2016
Register number: GnR 784 B

Membership in the ZdK

The wechange eG is a member of The Central Association of the German Consumer Cooperatives (ZdK).

Association Headquarters:

Baumeisterstr. 2
20099 Hamburg

Auditing Association PdK

The wechange eG is regularly audited by the Auditing Association of the German Consumer and Service Cooperatives e.V..

Association Headquarters:

Schönhauser Allee 10-11
10119 Berlin


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