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Roof-top Info (2022): What is happening in Tajikistan? Up-to-date information on recent events in Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO) and their historical background
Last update: March 07, 2024
This key document presents the chronology of the crackdown on civil society in GBAO since May 2022 and its historical context. The appendix includes a) a list statements by international stakeholders, b) a list of international media coverage, c) a list of analyses by international observers, d) a synopsis of information about individual casualties, e) a synopsis of information about detentions. A story map which documents the crackdown on civil society in GBAO is based on this document.

What is Roof-top Info?
Roof-top Info intends to provide a service for journalists, diplomats and policy-makers worldwide who strive to gain a comprehensive understanding of political events in Khorugh, the main town of Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO) of Tajikistan.
In our key document (see above), we provide comprehensive information on the chronology of recent political events and developments in Khorugh and other places in GBAO since November 2021, the historical context and the reasons of chronical tension and periodic protest. We aggregate, synthesize and reference sources which are available online in English, Russian and Tajik languages, combining them with first-hand information received from interlocutors in Khorugh. We update the document on a regular basis.

Why the world needs to care about what happens in Khorugh and the region?
Khorugh is the main town and the cultural, social and economic centre of Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO), a high-mountain region in Eastern Tajikistan. The region is the main tourist destination of the country. A vital trade route to/from China passes through it. It is the origin of a widely dispersed diaspora and has manifold and diverse linkages throughout Central Asia and beyond.
The town is located on the border with Afghanistan. It hit the headlines in 2012, 2014, 2018 and again in recent days because of violent conflicts and demonstrations against suspected human rights violations by security forces.

Why did we choose the name “Roof-top Info”?
A roof-top perspective provides a structured view of the “big picture” and a functional understanding of the complexity of a system, without getting lost in details. It enables orientation and strategic decisions.
With roof-top we also want to give a reference to the “Roof of the World”. This is how the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan, which cover most of the territory of GBAO, are often called.
For us, taking a roof-top position is also a metaphor for breathing freely, being open-minded, progressing and developing.

Who is behind Roof-top Info?
Roof-top Info is a transnational civil society initiative. Among our members are citizens of Tajikistan and European countries. Our interest is to contribute to peaceful and sustainable human and societal development in Tajikistan. Taking into consideration a deterioration of the situation for freedom of speech in Tajikistan, we decided to keep anonymity.

Which are other key sources on current events in Khorugh?
The main information source for the government version of events is the state news agency Khovar (in Tajik), whereas the civil society narrative is reflected on the portal Pamir Daily News (in Russian). Independent sources are the news portal ASIA-Plus (in English, Russian and Tajik) and Radio Ozodi, the Tajik service of Radio Liberty (in Tajik and Russian).


Created on: 12/19/2021
Last updated on: 03/07/2024

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  • Story map "Crackdown on civil society in GBAO (Tajikistan)

This story map documents the 2022 crackdown in GBAO and provides context information on its historical background.

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