• from 19:00 until 21:00 o'clock (Europe/Berlin)

  • From collective housing to affordable and environmentally sustainable urban landscapes

    Affordable housing, urban planning for and by residents, and environmentally sustainable housing are in the headlines. How can we establish degrowth in urban and rural neighbourhoods to satisfy the basic material and social need of housing? How can we apply the principles of sufficiency and conviviality – living a ‘one planet lifestyle’ with a common ecological footprint – in housing practices?

    Drawing on more than 20 activist-scholar contributions, the editors of the recently published Housing for Degrowth: Principles, Models, Challenges and Opportunities (Routledge) will present their book in conversation with Michael La Fond, Institute for Creative Sustainability, and talk about a degrowth-approach to housing, revealing grassroots achievements, practical models and principles and the crucial policy changes needed to optimise bottom-up efforts. Cases include analysis of housing struggles that reach beyond a ‘right to the city’ to a ‘right to metabolism’, campaigns for refurbishment of social housing, and a cooperative model for financing and organising German housing as an alternative to mainstream market and government housing.

    Co-edited by activist-scholars Anitra Nelson (Centre for Urban Research at RMIT University in Melbourne) and François Schneider (Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, University of Barcelona, initiator of Research & Degrowth, degrowth conferences and pioneer activist of degrowth), Housing for Degrowth presents a range of cases and models from various countries and continents — amongst others Italy, Norway, Vanuatu, India, Germany, USA, Australia and Denmark.

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