• 16:00 o'clock until 15:00 o'clock
  • First residential retreat in Denmark

    Draft Contents for the Retreat:

    1. Restorative systems
      - Restorative circles
      - Setting up systems in organizations and groups
      - Creating a regenerative culture
    2. Nonviolence in practice, de-escalating skills
      - Nonviolent Direct Action Training (affinity groups, decisions in-the-heat, nonviolence in police encounter, consent and self-responsibility and more)
      - Training others in de-escalation
      - Identifying own triggers and building inner as well as group resilience
    3. Conflict mediation skills
      - The classical NVC mediation format
      - Group mediation
      - Mediating inner conflicts (pre-requisite for being present and calm with others – PP addition)
      - Improv – when formats don’t work
    4. Intercultural meeting and learning
      - Basic diversity training: Identifying privilege and subconscious biases
      - Cultivating curiosity, vulnerability, courage
      - Calling OUT and calling IN – being and ally
      - Implementation in our organizations
    5. Feedback
      - The classical NVC format
      - Exploration of what makes honesty so difficult – and how we can grow a culture of authenticity and safety
    6. Nonviolent leadership
      - Understanding teal organizations
      - Decentralization and decision-making processes, power, flow of resources and information, feedback
      - Understanding the role of trauma, especially inter-cultural and inter-generational trauma, in how we build our communities and society
      - Antidotes to cultural trauma and how we can support ourselves and each other:
      - Reverence to each other’s experience, Time travel empathy, Sacred vow work, humility and assuming one another’s innocence