Green Eden Project - Spain - Serbia - Germany


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A summary of our K2, please confirm me if i have send you the application:

  • Green EDEN ( Environment, Development, Education, Network ) 18 months Germany Serbia Canary Islands

  • Work on 3 levels- social inclusion, youth/ sustainable employment ( green economy ) and environmental protection

  • 12 Monthly EcoChalanges to be made, in between 2 youth exchanges. For example, do not use cars 2per week; eat locally, reduce plastic, save water etc. Youth on their own will decide them as a group

  • 3 transnational meetings

a) First in Gran Canaria face to face

b) Second and third online to reduce costs-travels where possible

  • 3 mobility learning activities

a) YE in Canarias ( 5th month of project approx) 33pax

b) Training for youth workers/professionals in Serbia 24pax

c) YE in Germany ( 13th month of project approx) 33pax

Topics: Environment and Nature Protection, Health

Related Projects/Groups: BDU Spain-Serbia-Germany, K-2 Strategic Partnership Application 2021


Created on: 06/10/2021
Last updated on: 06/10/2021

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Location: europe

Project administrator:  Johannes

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