Unknown people attempt unsuccessfully to stop Mamadbokir Mamadbokirov's car in Khorugh

According to Radio Ozodi, Pamir Daily News and sources of Russian political scientist Andrey Serenko, unknown people in civilian clothes attempted to stop the car of Mamadbokir Mamadbokirov in the city center of Khorugh in the morning of March 4, 2022, and fired gunshots. It is unclear whether shots were fired into the air or targeted at the car. Radio Ozodi reports that Mamadbokirov has been lightly injured in the right hand.
Mamadbokirov is a former field commander of the United Tajik Opposition and a controversial figure in Khorugh (see background information document). In January and February 2022, Tajikistani security forces had demanded his surrender and threatened to conduct a military operation against him. The days before March 4, 2022, the conflict seemed to have been frozen.

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