International Exchange & Networking

WECHANGE –  because the We in Change matters

We want to actively promote social change towards a more social, sustainable and ecological world. That’s why we not only provide the digital infrastructure for organizing civic groups, but also share our knowledge regarding organization, team building and technical implementation. We cooperate with different organizations and countries to learn from and grow with each other. A lot of these projects you can find on for example our annual conference “DIALOGUE FOR FUTURE

WECHANGE International Projects

WECHANGE connects civil actors across national borders. With funding from the German Federal Foreign Office, we launch various projects every year to promote networking and exchange between different countries. Our current focus is on projects that promote exchange between Europe and the countries of the Eastern Partnership and Russia. Here, we organize cross-national networking conferences, manage the online community platform or organize hackathons.


WECHANGE Workshops & Networking

Over the years, we have gathered a lot of knowledge on the topics of digital organization, change management and team building. We pass all this knowledge on to you in workshops, seminars and consulting sessions.

We offer seminars and workshops on all topics related to digital collaboration and online project management, but also on practical teamwork, storytelling and much more. Our experts will also come to you.

If you would like to delve deeper into these topics, we can provide you with the technical expertise and the necessary skills in process design, organizational development and communication. We are happy to support you in networking with other players in your field.