Custom portals & Services

Order a customized portal from wechange

In addition to the free use of the platform, we also offer individual solutions for professional use. For associations, organizations, large clubs or communities, municipalities and cities, it may make sense to set up their own WECHANGE portal that can be administered separately. We implement customized white-label platform solutions for those who want to operate their own platform completely independent of our universe. In addition, we provide training and workshops to introduce future administrators to the new environment.

Fileadministration & Cloud

All files, images, notes and logs can be stored in a central location and viewed and edited by everyone. The data is stored on German servers that are powered by green electricity. Access rights can be assigned individually.

Community & Intranet

Your portal brings everyone together in one place where they can exchange ideas and network. Whether via video conferences, chat channels, emails or messages in the newsfeed – everything is possible with one login without external apps.

Organisation & Planning

Whether it’s event announcements, scheduling or surveys. Organize and plan on your portal with various tools and means of communication. We adapt your portal entirely to your needs.

A portal entirely in line with our wishes, which puts all committed people around a digital table. This is where people talk, discuss, plan and inform.

Online portal for organizations, clubs and associations

You want to provide your community a digital place where members can exchange information and collaborate? It is important to you that the data is hosted separately and that data protection meets the highest standards? Google, Facebook and Co. are out of the question for your institution? Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation!



  • MokWi – Ideas and Projects around Kiel-Region
  • forum1.5 – exchange between climate activists in Bavaria

Civic platform for your city or region

You want to promote civil society in your city or region, make civic engagement visible and bring it together in one place? Do you need a platform where citizens can exchange ideas with each other? Are you looking for a solution that does not overburden even inexperienced users and that enables uncomplicated communication with public administration actors? Contact us and learn everything about the use of WECHANGE as a citizens’ platform for cities and regions!

Platform for collaborative learning and educational opportunities

The WECHANGE portal offers everything it takes for collaborative learning: Documents that can be edited simultaneously, task distribution, video conferencing with breakout rooms or moderation function. Here, people can exchange ideas at eye level and work together on new content. Courses can be given or workshops held – at any time and from any location. In this way, time zones and national borders can also be overcome.



  • DINA – the digital meeting platform for international youth work and youth exchange projects
  • studynet – Intranet of students from

Overview portals & functions

*Functions in projects and groups: Files, documents, events, tasks, polls, news. Cross-portal functions: News, Map and Search. For a detailed overview, see More functions will be added continuously.

**plus one-time setup fee and additional optional items, if applicable.

***We want to offer WECHANGE to all users* at a fair price. From WECHANGE, you have 1 GB of free Nextcloud storage per group or project. However, we can easily unlock more storage space. Just write an email to with the name of your group/project and we will do it. For each additional GB we would like to have 1 € per month. You can easily adjust that under “Your contribution”.

Training & Workshops

Even after the online portals have been set up, we will still be there for you. The Portaladmin training will enable your administrator team to independently manage the basic configuration, member administration and all functions of your portal in the future, ensuring optimal use of the platform. Editorial rights and duties for the operation of the portal and the typical procedure in the event of bugs and faults, e.g. after updates, are also explained.