Our pricing model:
You pay what is fair for you

For the use of wechange.de you pay what is fair and feasible for you. We provide everyone with an ad-free, data-safe and sustainable platform and ask in return for a monthly contribution. This is freely selectable and can be changed monthly. No subscriptions or hidden costs.


In order to be able to offer and develop the platform independently, we are dependent on income.
If all users contribute about 7 Euro per month, the permanent operation is guaranteed. If you are short of money, you can adjust the contribution monthly: fair for everyone!

Recommended price

How much should I pay for my monthly usage? It’s not easy to find a suitable fee for you, because we don’t know your financial situation. However, we would like to give you three guidelines that you can use as an orientation:

Budget 5 € /month
You don’t have a lot of money at the moment? With 5 € you contribute to the platform running the way it does – thank you!

Standard 7 € /month
This amount ensures operation and further development. You pay the costs incurred by you and get from us: Thumbs up!

Supporter 10 € /month
With this contribution you support our idea to create a platform for everyone, regardless of their income. A big heart to you!

Why should I pay something for using wechange.de?
The wechange.de platform is not financed by advertising or selling data, but by its members. Your contribution ensures that you can use carefully selected tools in an ad-free environment that are hosted on German servers powered by green electricity and are DSGVO compliant. Since we all have different amounts of money at our disposal, we rely on a solidarity-based payment model where you can adjust your contribution to your financial situation. >>>> Good idea, I support that!

If you need an invoice for your contribution, feel free to use our form here: wechange.de/cms/one-time-payment

How much should I or my group pay for using wechange.de?
With an average contribution of 7 Euro per month (per user:in) we can cover our costs. However, we would like to improve the platform with a redesign and guarantee an easy and barrier-free use for everyone. Therefore we are happy about every higher contribution. The contribution can also be transferred for a group. You will receive a total invoice. If you have any questions, please contact the support. >>>> I think that’s fair – I’m in!

Why does software cost money?
Behind every software there are people who develop, maintain and provide it. Some costs for the platform wechange.de are for example:

Salary for employees:inside who do support, administration, development, communication, maintenance, etc. to create and continue to maintain the infrastructure.
Rent for sustainable servers to host the platform
Costs for hardware
Rent for office space
Administrative costs such as accounting fees, account maintenance fees, etc.
>>>> Great that you pay your employees fairly & pay attention to sustainability. You have my contribution!

There are free alternatives for all your tools – how does that work?
If you don’t pay for the use of software, the operators must have another business model, e.g. by advertising or selling your data. This is exactly what we do NOT do. In addition, we take care of the sustainable operation and the free development of the platform. To keep it that way, we need your contribution.

How is WECHANGE financed?

The WECHANGE platform is operated by the cooperative of the same name. The operation of the platform incurs monthly costs, e.g. for server rental, the salary for our support staff, for maintenance, service and the continuous development of the platform. In addition, there are many things in the background, such as rent for our office space, accounting costs, account management fees & much more.
In total we finance 6 permanent employees and 10 freelancers. A large part of the work is also done on a voluntary basis and with a lot of heart and soul. We are happy about active support. If you would like to get involved, please send us an email to info@wechange.de.
In order to guarantee the operation of the platform in the long run and to develop it further, we have put our financing on several legs.

Our voluntary payment model: We understand the WECHANGE platform as a public good and have therefore established a solidarity-based pricing model: Individual users* and organisations pay for the use of the WECHANGE platform what it is worth to them. With every Euro we can better adapt the platform to the needs of the users. Voluntary payments also help us to professionalise some activities in the cooperative that were previously carried out on a voluntary basis.

Our portal customers: based on WECHANGE, organisations and cities/regions can operate their own portals. Portal customers pay a one-time setup fee for setting up portals and adjustments regarding special requests, as well as a monthly license fee for the running costs. In addition, our portal customers jointly co-finance many new features that they themselves consider useful and thus help to ensure that your user experience with WECHANGE is constantly improving. In order to reduce their monthly licence costs, the portals are free to encourage their members to support WECHANGE with voluntary contributions.

Projects and grant applications: We implement numerous projects with our partners (https://wechange.de/cms/partner/) and apply for six-figure subsidies every year. These are mainly offline offers for community building, the organisation of events and conferences, seminars and training courses, only a small part can be used for the further development of the platform. Do you have an idea for a project or a funding application with us? You are welcome to write to us at: info@wechange.de.

Deploy wechange professionally

You would like to have your own, closed area for your community? All data should be on a separate server or on your own server? Learn more about our portal solutions and contact us.

Do you attach importance to a design that is adapted to your organisation down to the last detail? Do you want to determine yourself which of the tools available on WECHANGE you offer your members or do you need additional features? As a cooperative, we will work with you to develop the right solution for your needs.

For initiatives, clubs, associations: Your organization on WECHANGE

NEW: WECHANGE for cities and regions

Customised portal solutions with WECHANGE