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The platform for societal transformation

WECHANGE is a platform for everyone wanting to actively engage in societal transformation

Why yet another platform?

Many people in different organizations, networks and initiatives are contributing to a societal transformation. But when it comes to cooperating or developing joint projects online, so far only international corporations have offered necessary software solutions. However, in most cases they neither represent the values of the activists nor guarantee a reasonable level of data security. We want to change that and bridge the existing gap.

We aim to provide you with all the necessary tools for secure online collaboration, networking and presentation in one community, designed for actors of an eco-social transformation. This vision is already becoming a reality.

New paths appear once you make the first step. This is why we launched WECHANGE. It is an online community for everybody wanting to be part of a socially and ecologically just transformation.

For more information about WECHANGE and the WECHANGE cooperative please visit info.wechange.de

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