With all the necessary theoretical knowledge covered, it was time for UkraineLab participants to get out and about in Ivano-Frankivsk and get to grips with the practical sides of impact places. The partcipants once again split up into four workshops to focus on different topics. One group visited a local school and discussed how to create alternative schools that could better suit the needs of their students. 
Second up was a group based around the question “Is coworking dead?”, which sought to establish how to create an effective concept for co-working. It was led by Oleksandr Slavsky, programme director of Impact Hub Odessa, an exciting and successful co-working space in the southern Ukrainian city – just the expertise needed!
The third group focussed on how to make cultural spaces that functioned as impact places, whether a library, a theatre, a gallery or any other kind of creative space imaginable. The group had the chance to do some field research, visiting the district library of Ivano-Frankivsk, a volunteer-run indoor and outdoor art space, Shevchenko 3 and Palats Potynsky, an abandoned building that has been transformed into an art installation and host to the Porto Franko arts festival. 
Last but not least was the group focussing on the urban pop-up, temporary but impactful places that can shape communities. Keep your eyes peeled for one coming to a street near you…
In the evening, Wechange gave a workshop on cyber-security for civic activists in Urban Space 100, the social restaurant project. The session was open not only to participants from UkraineLab, but also to the local community and it was great to be put through our paces by the interested questions from local citizens. 
Another packed day filled with new insights and fruitful exchanges on the last full day of UkraineLab. Luckily, there was also the chance to unwind together, buoyed by the beats of local musical phenomenon. You can check out a video of one of their concerts (though it’s so much more…) here. Cheers to yet another proof of the vibrant civic and cultural life of Ivano-Frankivsk!