Citizen Energy for resilient Ukraine

We- the wechange eG – We want to actively promote social change towards a more social, sustainable and ecological world. That’s why we not only provide the digital infrastructure for organizing civic groups, but also share our knowledge regarding organization, team building and technical implementation. We cooperate with different organizations and countries to learn from and grow with each other.

From 24-27.07.2023 a training for 15 mentors of green energy communities in Ukraine took place in the framework of the project “Civil Society Energy for Resilient Ukraine”. The training was conducted by REScoop EU and took place in cooperation with our Ukrainian cooperation partner “Synergy Sustainable Development Agency Synergy”. The training journey took the participants through the diverse building blocks of creating an energy community.

“we couldn’t have asked for a more enthusiastic and engaged group of leaders to share this experience with.” – REScoop

The aim of the training was to create a German-Ukrainian network of mentors that would contribute to the development of a decentralized and self-managed renewable energy supply in Ukraine. Ukrainian energy experts and representatives of energy communities from Germany discussed with REScoop trainers the following topics:

  • Concept of energy communities, EU experiences and success stories.
  • Models for the creation and management of energy communities
  • Tools to support the creation of energy communities
  • Mobilization of resources and fundraising
  • Cooperation with municipalities

The participants were able to consolidate the theory in practical discussions with representatives of the German Cooperative Association DGRV and BürgerEnergie Berlin eG.
We thank all participants for their commitment to the development of renewable energy and energy communities in Ukraine!

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Photo copyright credits: Olga Kovalevska